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If you are searching for the best treatment for hair loss you have come to the right place. Our team of medical researchers has compiled the biggest database of cures against baldness. Explore our website to find more about what causes alopecia areata and how you can stop a receding hairline.

Provillus has started as a clinical set of tests conducted by a group of passionate doctors. Their main goal was to create the first hair loss remedy that would have at least 90% chances of success. In their endeavors, they combined only natural ingredients like herbal extracts, vitamins and plant oils that would easily be absorbed by the human body. The final product became what is now known as the ultimate cure for shedding in both men and women.

The doctors’ mission could be considered a major breakthrough, considering that over 95% of the Provillus consumers have managed to regain a full head of hair. No less than 82% of them have eliminated the initial symptoms of hair loss like thinning threads and bald spots from the first weeks of treatment.

Provillus is a remedy for male pattern baldness mainly due to its rich source of minoxidil. This highly potent substance has been discovered to benefit the health of the scalp follicles. A simple daily intake can restore them to full capacity, which in turn leads to the full regeneration of your precious hair.

This cure against balding is certified by its lack of side effects. Not only does it grow back your original mane, but Provillus can also function as a dietary supplement long after you have surpassed the recommended treatment period. This is because your body needs to restock on essential minerals and vitamins after a long battle with hair loss. A combination of biotin, zinc and magnesium is just what you need to ensure that your newly-grown locks maintain their health and luster.

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