Hair loss due to chemo – is balding permanent?

The unfortunate situation in which you have to undergo chemotherapy might bring a series of undesired side effects. One of them is hair loss, a medical condition that has many patients terrified of permanent balding.

Chemotherapy is a medical procedure that involves the use of a powerful medicine to treat severe illnesses like cancer, lupus or bone marrow disease. The drugs used in this treatment have a direct attack on the internal tumor, but they also affect the patient’s metabolism through various consequences. Some of these are hair loss, fatigue and decreased immunity. To compensate for these negative side effects, one such sufferer can take Provillus on a constant basis. This cure for baldness is comprised of powerful enzymes and vitamins that can raise the energy levels and force follicles into producing new threads.

Chemotherapy and hair loss

Chemotherapy is a treatment developed from one or more drugs that aims to cure someone from cancer or other potentially fatal diseases. The process is composed of several stages of administered medication that increase in number depending on the sufferer’s condition and health evolution. Unfortunately, some of these patients do not overcome their illness and perish even after going through a chemo regimen.

Those who are lucky enough to win the battle with cancer are faced with damaging side effects. Hair loss is probably the most distinctive one, as chemo patients usually display a full bald head during and after the treatment. Because the body is weakened after a prolonged period of drug-intake, it is possible that the baldness is permanent. However, new threads can be grown with the help of Provillus. This is a proven remedy for alopecia that can safely be used by recovering victims of cancer.

Provillus prevents permanent balding

Provillus makes good use of a unique mix of nutrients, vitamins and herbal extracts that are bound to bring your follicles back to total health and regular hair production. This product has produced positive results for more than 95% of its users during a minimum treatment period of six months. As the body of a cancer patient needs more time to regain its original health, your mane might take a little longer to grow back to full length. Fortunately, this solution against shedding is 100% guaranteed to be successful and free of side effects. In little under a year you can enjoy again combing your long, luscious locks.

As opposed to other drug treatments, chemotherapy affects all the follicles on your body and not just on your head. As a result, you will lose hair from all the areas of your body. While some zones are better off hairless, permanent balding is a feared side effect by all the cancer sufferers. With Provillus they can vanquish this concern and enjoy their speedy recovering. This natural solution against baldness nourishes the body back to health and the scalp cells back to life. Your new threads are bound to grow from stronger roots and in greater numbers, thus restoring your precious crowning glory.