How to restore hair loss from medication

There is a long list of chemical substances that lead to hair loss. The problem is that many of them are part of the medications that are prescribed for a great number of conditions. Almost all ailments, ranging from heart disease to a simple are treated with medicine rich in synthetic compounds that eventually lead to baldness.

Many people who struggle with alopecia are unaware that their problem is the direct cause of medication. In order to stop their hairline from receding any further they need to cut down or replace the faulty medicine. However, this might do little in restoring their lost hair. Unless they include Provillus into their daily intake of natural supplements, it is very unlikely that they will regain the full health of their scalp.

Medication disrupts hair growth cycles

A healthy mane has a constant cycle of growth. This is composed of two phases, the anagen stage and the telogen period. The former lasts between 2 and 4 years, during which threads grow in a consistent manner and up to our own desired length. The latter only lasts for 2 or 3 months and it is when your follicles stop producing new locks. At this point you have a full head of luscious strands that rest for a while before falling out and ushering in a new anagen chapter.

Modern day medication affects this growth cycle by abruptly stopping the anagen phase and prolonging the telogen stage. As a result, your hair falls rapidly and for a longer period of time while your follicles enter a dormant stage in which they stop developing new threads. To counteract this problem you need a highly-effective remedy against shedding like Provillus. This powerful combination of minerals, vitamins, compounds and herbal oils will ensure that the sequences of regrowth and rest are not altered.

Restore hair loss with Provillus

If you have identified the cause of your recent hair loss and you had it removed, it is time to support your body into regaining your original mane. You can only do so by providing it with a high amount of nourishing substances that are known to encourage the production of new threads. Provillus has been proven to restore lost locks in less than six months of treatment through its potent formula of nutrients. No less than 95% of the patients affected by bald spots and thinning strands have managed to overcome their condition and avoid total baldness.

By mixing biotin with minoxidil, vitamins and plant extracts, researchers have come up with the most efficient weapon against alopecia that has ever been developed. Provillus brings together all the natural substances and compounds known to diminish the effects of hair loss. Whether this condition is the result of prescribed medication or not, this product can stop its advancement and sustain overall regrowth. The good thing about it is that you can take it as a nutritional supplement as well. Its action is highly beneficial for your metabolism and has no side effects.