When it comes to health problems, losing your hair can be extremely bothersome. Fortunately, you can prevent complete baldness without the use of chemical medication or expensive surgeries.

Provillus ingredients

Hair loss can be reversed with the help of an all-natural product like Provillus. This remedy has been developed from clinically tested substances found in plants, fruits and herbs. By taking just two capsules of this regrowth remedy you can benefit from new locks surfacing on your scalp in just six months of treatment. Below is a list of the main ingredients that make this cure the perfect solution against alopecia areata:


There is no other substance known to the medical field that can increase the chances of growing new threads more than minoxidil does. After an extensive analysis, doctors have come concluded that this solution increases the ability of your scalp cells to produce new hair with over 40%.

Due to genetic differences, men have a higher tendency to lose their mane, in comparison with women. As a result, a baldness remedy for them would require a stronger dose of minoxidil. The creators of Provillus are well aware of this, so they have added 5% of this substance to their trademark treatment for male pattern baldness. The version dedicated to hair regrowth for women only contains 2% minoxidil, which is enough to cover their bald spots within the first weeks of use.


This natural substance is responsible for the wellbeing of one’s hair and nails. Women need biotin more than men, and an improper amount of it in their body may lead to heavy shedding.

Until recently, hair loss for the female population was thought to derive from hereditary issues. However, a recent study has shown that the decrease of biotin during pregnancy, breastfeeding and even menopause can lead to a receding hairline even for them. To compensate for the sudden drop of this element during those particular stages, Provillus has included a high quantity of biotin into its products. The alternative for women has 5.0mg of it, while the one for men only has 3.0mg.

Vitamins and minerals

To guarantee full regrowth of your hair, Provillus has mixed essential elements into its formula. Natural elements like vitamin B6 pave the way for a complete prevention of balding. Its regenerative properties force the follicles to resume their activity, which has been ceased by the appearance of bald spots. Other highly-effective ingredients are Zinc and Magnesium. The chemical reaction between these two minerals ensures that your health and vitality are kept at standard levels through the whole duration of treatment.

Proprietary blend

The complementary mix of herbal extracts and natural compounds is what makes Provillus a stand-alone remedy for hair loss. In the production of this cure for baldness, researchers have included all the known substances and enzymes that have been proven to stop and reverse shedding. Non-chemical essences obtained from saw palmetto, stinging needle, pumpkin or horsetail are all important components of this treatment that regrows your original threads.

This product is recommended for constant daily intake for a period of at least half a year in order to obtain the best possible results.