People suffering from hair loss are willing to pay any price for an effective cure against balding. Their main concerns are always how it works and how long will they have to wait before regaining their mane. Thankfully, with Provillus they do not have to pay an excessive price, nor do they have to wait for too long before seeing new threads emerging on their head. As it is, in just six months of daily treatment, this product will generate new locks from rejuvenated follicles all across the scalp. Read on to find out the exact process behind this costly-effective solution against shedding:

What makes Provillus so special?

The highly-effective action of Provillus is based on a unique combination of minoxidil and herbal extracts. These natural ingredients interact in a positive manner to ensure the immediate stop of shedding and all its secondary symptoms. Minoxidil is responsible for bringing back to life your dead follicles and generating new threads. The essences obtained from plants and fruits are aimed to keep your body healthy and your metabolism running at a high speed through the whole treatment period.

Years of trying ineffective remedies for baldness have convinced many patients to treat new hair loss treatments like Provillus with suspicion. This is easy to understand. However, by using this cure they have nothing to lose. A full head of luscious locks is only six months away. This is a relatively small period of time on the market of solutions for balding, especially when you consider the fact that it has no side effects.


How it works

With the exception of terminal diseases, shedding is an obvious display of your body’s nutritional deficiencies. The follicles on your head need constant nourishing. As years go by and you grow older they need an even larger amount of vitamins and minerals. Without it, they will not function properly and will eventually die. This is how hair loss starts. The first signs of this medical condition are thinner threads and occasional bald spots that appear on your scalp.

This is where Provillus steps in to restore your head to full health. Through the powerful mix of enzymes and vitamins contained in this product, your follicles are kept alive and kicking. As a result, they are able to develop locks with stronger roots and new threads where you thought you will never see hair ever again.

Provillus comes in two versions, one for every gender. Each of them has been developed to compensate and resolve the hair loss effects for men and women alike. The differences in genetics, hormonal structures and medical predisposition are the causes for this difference in products. Actually, it is highly recommended that you take the alternative suited to your sex in order to fully benefit from the remedial action of this cure.

The complete regeneration of your hair is a continuous process that requires constant attention for a good number of years to follow. To ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible, continue your daily intake of Provillus as a dietary supplement. This way, you will provide your body with all the necessary nutrients that prevent your hairline from receding.