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Although we do not demand a user registration, this web page uses cookies to assist the owners to collect a valuable feedback from the visitors. The purpose is to make more enjoyable and efficient. Plus, the cookies and other kinds of identifiers will allow gathering details regarding anonymous traffic data (facts such as how many users visit this website, for how long, how often, etc.).

These cookies may be established by or a third party. If you reject the identifiers, you will not be able to use this website. Several types of cookies are used on for website performance, geotargeting, visitors analyses, and online advertising. The visitors are, however, able to change their preferences on cookies. Please keep in mind that they cannot access the user’s data or hard drive. Moreover, cookies do not contain viruses, software programs or spyware.

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All the personal information that we might gather is provided voluntarily. We do not oblige the visitors to offer any details. Additionally, will not transmit the information collected to a third party, nor disclose it or sell it. has the right to change the presented Privacy Policy at any time. Please read it carefully before visiting the website and give us your opinion if you do not agree to collect any data. We will act in consequence and delete any actual information.