Male pattern baldness affects a lot of men in North America. Even you are prone to go completely bald! It is more a question of when it will happen rather than if you will lose hair or not.

Provillus for men has been specifically created to help this large segment of the adult population from shedding. With a mix of powerful elements obtained from natural sources only, this product can restore your long lost threads in just six months of treatment. No less than 97% of the men who have used this remedy have regained a full head of luscious hair.

Women are affected by hair loss in a lower percentage than men. Still, they are faced with thinning locks and large bulks of threads stuck on their brush every night. Without a proper remedy like Provillus for women, they will soon see those disturbing bald spots taking over their scalp. This product uses a high dose of biotin and vitamin B6 to diminish the impact of hormonal imbalances brought by pregnancy or menopause. More than 94% of the women who have taken this solution against balding have restored the natural health to their mane.


Provillus stops shedding

Hair loss is natural, especially for the middle-aged people. Some people never go completely bald, and only see their hairline advancing towards the back of their heads. Others just experience thinning locks that lose their luster. Thankfully, both of these symptoms can be stopped and remedied with Provillus. A daily intake of this solution can maintain the health of your scalp even at an advanced age in your life.

Many balding sufferers come across hair loss remedies when it is already too late. The good news is that this rule does not apply for Provillus. This product is highly efficient in re-growing your mane no matter when you decide to use it. Over 15% of our users were almost completely bald when they opted for a treatment. The end result was more than spectacular. Almost all of them have managed to grow new threads on areas of their scalp where they hadn’t grown for years, or even decades.

Testimonials and reviews

Our customers have participated in a recent survey to share their experience with Provillus. More than 95% have marked this product as extremely satisfying and productive. Their main argument was that, as opposed to other products, this remedy was able to provide them with new threads after just three months of treatment.

A patient that is recovering from hair loss is a sight to be seen. Their high-spirited mood is a consequence of finally finding an effective cure for baldness. After years of trying various remedies and even contemplating surgery, they have found in Provillus the optimal solution that reversed their receding hairline. Actually, due to its powerful formula, this product is labeled as the no.1 medication on the market that is able to regrow your threads with zero side effects.

Doctors recommend that for the full regrowth of your hair you should take this cure for at least six months on a daily basis. However, if you want to benefit from locks with stronger roots and avoid a thinning hairline, you should continue to use Provillus as a natural supplement for double that time.